Swaddling and a rational optimistic father

I was recently reading Michael Pollan's book "how to change your mind" and one of the most interesting events people mentioned during their LSD trips was how they felt when they were born. This gave me a new perspective about why when Paris was born why she slept like a log in her first night 😂(picture below). She has gone through one of the toughest phases of her life.


After that night she never slept like that and that's where our quest of finding the perfect scenario for her sleep and our sleep started. One of the biggest lessons we learnt during that quest is our baby is not very different from us. She wants a familiar situation and atmosphere 😴 .

One way to give her a familiar feeling of security of the womb is swaddling. Swaddling is the art of making sure a baby is all tucked in and covered but still can breathe in easily.

She felt the cosiness and security while being in the swaddle and we improved her and our sleep because of swaddling. So if you are a new parent and going to become a parent, my recommendation as a ration optimistic father is learning how to swaddle and don't be a pessimist she is going to sleep soon and you can enjoy "how to change your mind" again.


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PSS - if you are interested to know more about Swaddling and how to do it right. Please check this video 

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