5 ways babies benefits from carrier nest

Baby carrier nests take our babies back to their safe place, their cocoon where they are reminded the sense of coziness and security. Here are some carrier nest benefits:

#strengthens the bond

It strengthens the bond with parents as the warmth and safety makes them more comfortable. They sense our breaths and our heartbeats which brings the child close to us.


#aid’s in baby’s development

It is said that baby develops both physically and emotionally better being in a snuggled, warm place like the womb. It is also said, they become calmer, thanks to the intimacy with parents and the survival needs been met.

#promotes early language development

Babies usually learn by watching faces and the nest help them put at a conversational height. It promotes interaction with adults and the child responds to the signals better.


#reassurance and comfort

Babies when they enter this big world which is noisy and overwhelming at the same time, they want the sense of comfort just like inside. The carrier nest gives them exactly that.


#helps with breast-feeding

Since it is convenient for the mothers to hold the baby with the cushioned carrier nest, the position for the baby is ideal for breast-feeding. In the snuggled nest, if they fall asleep while feeding, it is comfortable both for the baby and the mother.


With your baby comfortable in the nest, more accessible for breast-feeding and closer to you emotionally and physically, you’ll be a cherished parent, also much happier.

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Bharat Agarwal