About Us

Our Values 

Experts in Baby Comfort

We use the best quality, breathable fabric to make our products comfortable for both kids and parents. Zoey’s Baby nest provides exceptional womb like comfort to newborn whether you’re at home or away





Homebrewed Design Innovation

We design and hand-make most of our products to elevate the experience of today's modern parents.

Global Quality Standards

We make all our products with world-class quality cotton, and top-notch GOTs certified muslin. We source only the highest quality materials and go above and beyond to test all of our products to all applicable safety standards

Exceeding expectations

We believe in making life easy for modern parent's with our products, and we are always experimenting in our studio. 

Our Story So Far

2015We had a hard time finding decently priced Baby Bedding to gift to our new nieces & nephews.

2016 - Launched Zoey as a Instagram brand and worked with export houses to understand premium quality standards and gain manufacturing expertise in bedding domain.

2017 - Started our own manufacturing unit at Kasganj (UP) with top quality machinery and hired local artisans to make premium quality baby products.

2018 - We launched our website, and it was not a dreamy start, but we were hopeful.

2019 - Our toys started pulling new parents on our website, and we expanded our manufacturing set up to produce functional baby essentials. 

2020 - COVID almost killed our growth, but aren't we the small town wonder you love 💓.

2021 - We have launched more designs and continue spreading love across India.

But why on earth do we call ourselves "Zoey"?

Our co-founder, Pooja's nickname, is Zoe, so it was an easy choice. Zoe also means "Life", and every child is the start of a new life.